Finding the balance between revenue generation, strategy and execution

Balancing the need to get revenue in the door vs planning for the future is a challenge for all businesses large and small.

It’s like chicken and the egg - but which comes first ?

The reality of the matter is that without revenue there isn’t a business and without a solid go-to-market plan to execute against sales will be lack-luster.

So what do you do in this situation?

Ideally the development of a go-to-market strategy and executable plan would happen in parallel with ongoing sales generation activities, it would then continue to be refined based on changes in dynamics around the products, services, business and market. Unfortunately the majority of small to mid-size firms do not have the resources to do both.

In some cases firms look outside the business to an agency to augment those resources and for businesses in the consumer space it isn’t too hard for to find someone with B2C experience. For B2B technology firms this is more challenging so what typically happens is an agency that has technology ‘customers’ is engaged. Firms then spend a considerable amount of time (and money) getting the agency team up to speed distracting them from the day-to-day support of the sales teams. Eventually pressure to support the business mounts and the marketing team resorts to ‘throwing’ material at the agency with the action of ‘just do this’ which results in the delivery of regurgitated technology focussed facts presented in an attractive manner (Presentation, PDF, Web). This may look good but usually doesn’t clearly communicate the offer in a way the end-user/buyer can understand it (or even sales in most cases)...and you still don’t have a plan..

End-result, sales don’t understand is, customers don’t get it, overall disillusionment in marketing leading to staff turn-overs and the cycle starts again 12 months later. In no time at all you have churned several marketing staff, numerous sales and a few agencies - clients may know who you are but they still don’t know what your offer means to them. - Sound familiar ?

So what now - if you are a technology centric B2B business then find marketers with a technical background and experience who have the ability to rapidly understand the offering, identify market opportunities, develop a GTM strategy and assist with implementation - it’s difficult but they are out there, but they are not cheap for full-time. Alternatively look for a firm who can provide fractional/ part-time services that has the skills you really need, bring them in for a short planning / brain storming session and see if they can ‘sell your product’ to you - if not kick them out.

MyPropHead provides full go-to-market strategy creation and implementation services. Focussing on technology firms, MyPropHeads consultants OurPropheads, are commercially aware geeks that are experts at translating the value of your technology into understandable, easy to digest messaging that sales, channel and customers get!

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